Our Treatments

Orthopaedic & Sports Injuries

There are many orthopaedic issues we deal with that range across age and cause. From young people and teen athletes to professional sporting injuries and into stiffness and pain that comes with age or overuse. We’ve worked with the highest level of national sports teams and individuals, and provide individual, non-invasive and non-surgery based options and treatments that have peak performance at the heart.

Automotive/ICBC Injuries

After a vehicle accident, the injuries and conditions caused can be traumatic both physically and mentally. We’re here by your side as professionals and as caring, compassionate individuals that want to help. We offer a smooth, direct billing system and work alongside ICBC and insurance companies so you can focus on your personalized recovery plan with our expertly trained and friendly team.

Workplace/WCB Injuries

After an accident, it can be difficult to get back your confidence, let alone regain your original strength and performance. We pride ourselves on working with our patients to not only get back to function, but help give them the tools and power to rebuild their self-reliance and belief in their capabilities. So they can return to work, return to life, and return to certainty.

Post-Surgical Recovery

Physiotherapy is a hugely important part of post-surgery recovery. Our exercises and treatments are designed to improve the quality of the scar area and underlying tissue, and help it move normally on the muscle underneath. We also work with patients through rehabilitation to reduce pain, increase flexibility and progressively restore strength, to get you back to function within the shortest and safest time frame.

Concussion Management

With concussion, early intervention and therapy can significantly improve recovery and return to function. Patient safety and wellbeing are forefront in our pursuit of the latest knowledge and treatment options for concussion management and relief. Guided exercise and manual therapy for balance, vision, and blood-flow are available for sports injuries, motor accidents, whiplash and any concussion cause.

Vertigo & Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness can impact life heavily. Erratic and unpredictable side-effects can be debilitating. Our therapists work to each patient’s specific symptoms and needs, learning to understand how symptoms affect each person individually. We support a steady pace and treatments that give the power of symptom control, so our patients can feel confident in self-management and healing.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)

We work with well-established soft tissue mobilization techniques that over time improve tenderness, headaches, clicking and pain. Our hands-on therapy and exercise programs work towards refining joint motion and reducing muscle stiffness around specific trigger points in the jaw. Reeducating your muscle and joint movements to decrease and even eliminate symptoms.

Aging & Chronic Pain

For those who have lost their independence due to age or chronic pain, we want to give them the strength and confidence to reclaim it. Our approach to physiotherapy is patient-centered. Our compassionate, caring team strives to make the experience possible and achievable at any age or pain level. For rehabilitation, fall prevention, even simple, independent daily activities. We’re here to help.