Soft Tissue Mobilization & Manipulation

Utilizing advanced hands-on techniques to optimize muscle function and loosen tightness, our team work through manual manipulation to increase range of motion and muscle strength. We combat muscle injury due to stress or injury, and get you back to full, pain-free movement range. Restoring functionality and promoting full functional independence for all conditions.

Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

Our specialists work to restore motion in joints through committed knowledge and expert practice. Joint mobilization provides movement and lubrication enhancement that can reduce pain and decrease muscle tension. In cases of traumatic injury, sports injury, or even disuse of the joint, our treatment can alleviate joint instability and reduce chronic pain.

Athletic Taping

We offer athletic taping on many areas of the body to protect and stabilize joints against high-impact activity. Improving mobility and supporting muscles and tendons with specialized tape, we ensure our patients are working safe in any activity or sport. We also provide quick ankle and shoulder k-tape sessions for all previous patients before important sporting events and competitions.

Exercise Prescription

Sedentary behavior can lead to a wide range of health and mobility problems. Our expert specialists are able to identify individual guidance and therapeutic plans based on their meticulous knowledge of you as a patient, your lifestyle, habits and health levels. Safely and skillfully pinpointing the frequency, intensity and type of activity you need to combat medical issues or improve your strength and conditioning.

Return to Work Plans

Our detailed RTW plans work in harmony with our patients, their employers, and third party entities such as WorkSafe BC to ensure that all objectives are met for safety, health and wellbeing. With open communication and familiarity with many conditions and injuries, we can make sure your needs are being met. So returning to function and to work happens at the right time and pace for you.